Vegetarian-Vegan Options
We offer our Buttered-Beere in vegan versions and the Pumpkin Juice is vegan too. There is also a vegan breakfast option (bread rolls, hummus, salad, tomato, paprika, cucumber) and fruit muesli with soya milk. Our Bruschetta as a snack is also vegan and for anyone with a sweet tooth we offer two raw, sugar-free, vegan Protein balls.

Magical Food and Beverages

Surrounded by books, newspapers and magazines of all kinds, our café offers a cozy corner for every taste. Enjoy a coffee, tea or milkshake and maybe a breakfast, something hearty or sweet and discover many extraordinary details and special features over two floors. Let yourself be enchanted by the magical ambience!

Our magical menu

What would a magical realm be without magical food & drinks? That is why, in addition to the classic non-alcoholic drinks, we also brew up specially recreated drinks from the Elizabethan Age such as Buttered-Beere and Pumpkin Juice. In addition to beer and wine, adult visitors can also take a look at the drinks menu and treat themselves to a "Dragon Firewhisky", "Mint Magic" or an "Enchanted Elf".


For the small hunger among magical guests we have the "PHOENIX toast" (ham/cheese), "OWL toast" (vegetarian) and Bruschetta on our menu. Tip: If you wish, you can also have a small salad with the toasts.


Exclusive Harry Potter sweets like Bertie Botts Every Flavored Beans or Chocolate Frogs make fan hearts beat faster! As a gift for HP-enthusiasts our officially licensed sweets are irresistable! And with a large selection of sweet treats, we ensure that all sweet tooths get their money's worth.