About us

A place as unique as the mystical Phoenix, that's how we dreamed up our café.
As enthusiastic Fans of magical realms, we conjured up a world in which we could happily spend our time and offer a meeting point for all other fans to live out their fantasies.

Since July 2018, coffee lovers, bookworms, but also fans, nerds & geeks of fantasy literature & fim have been experiencing a place where they can be inspired in a cosy atmosphere!

Phoenix Book Café & Shop offers an extensive selection of officially licensed merchandise. From magical gifts, Harry Potter memorabilia to magical decorations and "tools" for magicians and witches, everyone will find some "indispensable" fan & gift articles on our shelves.

If you cannot visit us personally in our FANtastic Café, there is a selection of products in our online shop. We strive to expand this diverse and unique range every week. However, if there are products that you are looking for, but do not find, or that you think we should have in stock, we would also like to hear from you!

Let yourself be enchanted ...


Surrounded by books, newspapers and magazines of all kinds, our café offers a cosy corner for every taste. Enjoy a coffee, tea or milkshake, and maybe something hearty or sweet, and discover many extraordinary details and special features over two floors. Let yourself be enchanted by the magical ambience!


Bookshelves full of stories that are waiting for their readers. We have already collected or received a number of books from booklovers and friends. Novels, biographies, fairy tales, specialist books, youth literature, classics ... a little of everything and a collection that should continue to grow.


Exclusive Harry Potter sweets like Bertie Botts Every Flavored Beans or Chocolate Frogs make fan hearts beat faster! As a gift for HP enthusiasts our officially licensed sweets are simply irresistable! And with a large selection of sweet treats, we ensure that all sweet-toothed fans get their money's worth.


Passionate fans will discover fan items and collectibles to delve deeper into your favourite world. Cool t-shirts, decorative home accessories, games, costumes, bags, figures, jewellery, film replicas and so much more! Many fan items in the café are also available in our online shop. Browse, order and we will deliver your favourite items directly to your home (perhaps by owl! 😉